Technical Authoring

Clearly written, detailed and coherent thorough technical documentation is critical to the maintainability and in effect success of your project. Our team of experienced Technical Authors is up for the task of preparing it.

Dome Authoring Division
Dome has made considerable investment in its technical authoring division which is based in head office and at 'The Granary' offices near Maidstone in Kent.

Well Defined Standards
All of our authors work within a well-defined set of standards to provide consistency in language, terminology, and format and layout across all manuals.

Wide Scope
We manage the production of documentation across a wide variety of construction projects each year within the commercial, retail, residential, travel, defence and health sectors.

Dedicated in-house software
All documentation is produced using Dome Connect, which acts as online repository for the handover documentation at the end of the project and serves as a management system, enabling real time progress reporting.

Dome's technical authoring team are responsible for producing all manner of handover documentation and have a vast wealth of experience writing not just O&M manuals but also:

  • Asset Registers
  • Health & Safety Files
  • BREEAM Building User Guides
  • SKA User Guides
  • Building Energy Log Books
  • Code for Sustainable Homes Users Guides
  • Residential Homes User Guides
  • Project Completion Files

Working with our Authoring team

Economies of Scale
By authoring entire projects, Dome is able to apply economies of scale to the process, offering significant savings over the cost of engaging individual sub-contractors to engage their own authors, and with the benefits of a consistent style and adherence to client standards across the whole project. This process enables the additional benefit of freeing the trade contractors from the traditional burden of attempting to complete manuals at exactly the same time that they need to be concentrating on delivering the project.

Complete Transparency
Project teams can be safe in the knowledge that their suite of handover documentation is available on time and throughout the drafting and approval process via the Dome Connect system. This complete transparency is unique and highly beneficial to a project team who are needing to report against the handover documentation delivery.

Our Technical Authors helped with

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Nova Victoria

case study

Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre

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