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We raise the standards of commissioning management and handover documentation for the construction industry, with a totally independent service.

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How we got here


With our upgraded and rebranded DC Cloud Platform, a strong order book accross a diverse project and client list, and perhaps the strongest team to date - Dome is in a great position to continue delivering successfully and driving our quality of delivery into the future.

The Next Generation

In 2019 Ben Miller took the helm as Managing Director, ensuring Dome's future in the industry and maintaining the ethos and principles that his father Neil laid out nearly 25 years previously. Under Ben's management Dome has renewed it's focus on the quality of our delivery as it's top priority, as well as cementing our presence in the UAE.

Dome Connect Gravity

Upgrading our platform to Dome Connect Gravity integrated iSnag with a more powerful Dome Connect, and so enabled our clients to choose from a number of modular packages to tailor a software solution for their specific requirements. This kept us at the forefront of Commissioning, O&M and Task Managment solutions, and the only marketplace provider accross these sectors to offer both the services and in house software platforms for delivery.

International Success

With two major international deliveries - the Baha Mar Hotel & Resort in the Bahamas and the New Royal Adelaide Hostpital in Australia - Dome cemented it's place internationally as an independant and relaible delivery partner, building a reputation that would see future success abroad.

Dome Connect & iSnag

As the world of intelligent software developed exponentially, so did the Dome system, and the launch of Dome Connect in 2004 took the product to the next level. In 2010 Dome started working on a new product called iSnag, an app for the snagging and defect management on construction projects. iSnag has been used on some of the world's largest projects accross the world.

The Internet

When Microsoft launched Windows 98 which included Internet Explorer by default for the first time, Dome then launched the world's first Internet based software product for both the production of O&Ms and for their use during the life of the building. This product was marketed as the Dome System and by the Millennium became the best known and most used platform in the industry.

Starting Up

Some of the first major projects awarded to Dome were the Trocadero Sega World project in Piccadilly, Phase1 of the Treasury Building redevelopment, and BZW in Canary Wharf. This was the start of long and rewarding relationships as well as a reputation for successful delivery.

It had always been apparent that the quality of O&M information available for both new and past developments was substandard and inadequate for operational purposes. In 1995 we produced the very first electronic template for the production of O&M manuals by the contractors, which then in turn lead to the development of the first Dome O&M Software platform on the market which was marketed under the trademark ‘Domino’.

Founded in 1995

By 1995 Neil Miller had worked in the Commissioning management sector of the construction industry for 14 years, and had been project commissioning manager on some of the UKs largest and most complex projects such as the CAA En Route Centre Southampton, MOD Whitehall Bunker project, Holborn Bars Prudential building in London, The LIFFE Stock Exchange and the Imperial War Museum Redevelopment amongst numerous other high profile projects.

Many of the frustrations encountered during these projects led Neil to believe that there was a need for a more client focused delivery role, with more professional staff. It was also important to avoid the conflict of interest so often apparent when the Clients commissioning management company also had a significant income stream from many of the mechanical contractors, where they would be performing traditional air and water balancing commissioning roles on other projects.

For these reasons Dome Consulting was founded by Neil Miller in 1995. Stephen Harvey joined the business later that year having spent many years working for both the Prudential property division and CML commissioning company.

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Careers at Dome

As the UK's leading Commissioning, Certification & Documentation Management Consultants we can offer our employees some of the most exciting career opportunities in the industry.