O&M Documentation

Dome are renowned for their superior O&M document management procedures and templates, which were the first of their kind in the industry.

These templates are structured by Dome for all disciplines in the Client's Global or Corporate format. The contractors are then assisted in production of the documents, or Dome can provide the full Technical Writing service.

Manuals are created digitally using our own proprietary software, Dome Connect.


Dome Connect is a web-based Documentation Project Management tool for the collation, review and delivery of critical O&M/Commissioning/Asset/FM-related information. The software enables you to instantly access your drawings, maintenance documents, specifications, commissioning test data and manufacturers information and literature…all at the touch of a button.
Dome Connect bridges the gap between the construction and occupation of the building.

In terms of O&M manuals we consider that Dome provide the best quality documentation in the Industry.

Ronson Capital Partners

During Construction
Dome Connect is the documentation and commissioning project management tool for the timely, transparent delivery of quality O&M manuals and building information.

During Occupation
Dome Connect is the Estate/FM tool to effectively manage your built Asset. Dome Connect's flexible architecture allows you to integrate seamlessly with third-party Asset, PPM and BMS systems.

Upload all of your historic building information on to Dome Connect to harness its superior search capability and create a single, easy-to-manage information repository for your portfolio of assets.
As authors of the software, we are able to provide backup facilities and any training required in using the software.

Dome Connect provides total transparency in every aspect of the documentation process, enabling the client to view the organic, real-time creation of their manuals online…from any internet access-point in the world.

We produced O&M manuals for

case study

New Royal Adelaide Hospital

case study

Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre

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